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Prioninae of the world


Quite a few interesting pages about prionimae subfamily exist on the Internet but only this one offers both the usual lists of species classes and high quality photos of the type material from museums and private collections at one place.

NEW If you are a satisfied user of this site, you can use the PayPal button in the left menu. Since 2009 have I spend one or two weeks of my vacation by taking pictures of type material in various collections every year. If you decide to support my project, your contributions will be used for gasoline, air tickets, accommodation and food for two people. I´m preparing the fourth visit to Paris now and also the visit to Stockholm in 2020. New photos can be found on this website again. Thank you in advance for each contribution.

The site‘s navigation utilizes different types of sorting, searching and most importantly the visual comparison of particular specimens. Both the usage of a high quality reflex-camera and the technique of pictures being taken in layers ensures the highest possible quality.

You can see the bottom view if you use the comparator. Approximately 70% of the pieces have the ability to display the bottom view.

I believe this website might be helpful with a determination or save you a trip into a museum.

New photos are being added irregularly due to my time schedule.

Private collectors with this class characteristic material in their possession, contact me please.

J. Pirkl

NEW - 7.12.2022 - Zentralmagazin Naturwissenschaftlicher Sammlungen Halle
Added 3 new pieces.
NEW - 3.11.2022 - Royal Belgian Institute of natural Sciences Brussels
Added 26 new pieces. Thank you very much for your cooperation, willingness and support of our project.
NEW - 3.11.2022 - Muséum national d'histoire naturelle Paris
Added 6 new pieces.
NEW - 3.11.2022 - Natural History Museum London
Added 4 new pieces.
NEW - 3.11.2022 - Private collection A. Drumont
Added 6 new pieces.

15 December 2019 - Royal Belgian Institute of natural Sciences Brussels
Added 32 new pieces.
15 December 2019 - Private collection A. Drumont
Added 30 new pieces.
17 November 2019 - Royal Museum for Central Africa Tervuren
Added 31 new pieces.
7 November 2019 - Private collection T. Bouyer
Added 50 new pieces.

20 December 2018 - Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut Müncheberg
Added 19 new pieces.
21 November 2017 - Muséum national d'histoire naturelle Paris
Added 150 new pieces.
18 May 2017 - Muzeum i Instytut Zoologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk Warszawa
Added 31 new pieces.
9 June 2016 - Zoologisches Museum Hamburg
Added 2 new pieces.
15 May 2016 - Natural History Museum of Denmark Copenhagen
Added 19 new pieces.
5 October 2014 - Muséum national d'histoire naturelle Paris
Added 116 new pieces.
26 August 2014 - Royal Belgian Institute of natural Sciences Brussels
Allow me to express my acknowledgement to the museum director, the head of entomology department, the head of the Service for Scientific Heritage, the conservator of the Entomology collection and to Mr. A. Drumont in particular for their collaboration during our visit at the Royal Belgian Institute of natural Sciences, Brussels. During our visit, they did everything they could to make our stay there as pleasant as possible (accommodation, food, tour of the museum etc.). Thanks to their helpfulness and goodwill, we managed to acquire over 10000 pictures of 210 species of type material in six days.
8 June 2014 - State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart

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